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Ready SSH Tembak

Tembak Paket

This “Tembak Paket” is another way to buy packages that may not be available because the promo is END. With this you can buy and get the packages without use apk or open your xl website. More simple we say. :) We do not save your number or password so it is safe to use.

Preparation :

- Your Number (628xxxxxxx).
- Your Password (you can request by button Get password on this page .
- Your ID packet ( Only if you know unique ID for the packet and the packet doesn't on our list).
- Balance (Only for pay packet, if free or RP. 0,00 we doesn't need it)

Tembak Paket

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Direction for Use:

1. Login First:
--->a. Fill Number Coloumn
--->b. Fill Password
2. Choose Nama Kelompok paket
3. Pilih Paket
4. Press DORR button